i need a big favor

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Jun 2, 2008
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ok .,. this is a long shot ... but here goes.
as you might know, i'm looking for a new job and miss being attached to one b&b. there is an ad i just saw but i am concerned it might be for the place i left. (long story if you don't know me) is there anyone who might be willing to inquire about the job and let me know what place it is?
if so, could you email me off forum? thank you.
thank you.
someone from the forum is sending a reply - in a general way i think. hopefully they will respond to her.
If that one falls thru, I'll help. I'm aspiring, so my asking wouldn't throw up too many red flags.
Let me know if you need my help.
just curious...what if it is the place you left, do they know that you are a member of this forum? are they members of this forum? is there any possible way they would see this post on here?
That's probably the reason SS wanted someone to email her off the forum. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that this turns out to be good for you!!
If I remember correctly you really liked that state you were in, right???
i don't know if anyone from where i was comes into this forum; it's possible. so far, the two innkeepers they hired for this season have left ~ i don't know the details except that the first left in may which is the month they open, the other just gave notice.
yes, i did love the area.
You left really big shoes to fill there I am sure. It can be hard for someone to just come in and take over. It is a learning curve.
You said someone was already checking. Let us know about the outcome.

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