I Need Prayers Now, Please

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May 22, 2008
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I know many here are not religious and right now I do not care. I need prayers because that is all that can be done right now - pray that this man is found BEFORE he ruins other lives. I admit my personal preference is that they find his body. This is not a forwarded e-mail below. I just got this from my daughter and her office is the one referred to (and probably all offices in that area). She is in Iowa.
I'm sure this has not made national news but as I type- our office is in lock down- because of a professor from the university is missing. He is rumored to be in a park 2 miles from my work place- with a some type of high powered riffle. He's been missing for two days and left a cryptic note for his wife that indicated "harm would come"
They found his car yesterday in a local but very wooded park. (I go to lunch there 3-4 days a week) Lots of ravines and over brush.

He was charged 8/8/09 with 4 counts of bribery to some of his students- wanting sexual favors for better grades. 4 students turned him in because of this. Several years ago he was also reprimanded for inappropriate behavior.

I hope they find him before 5, I don't want to sleep here.

You and your family will be in our thoughts until this is resolved and your daughter is safe and sound at home.
Working hard to send positive energy and keeping all fingers and toes crossed.
Our schools are becoming the most dangerous places in America. I pray that they catch him and noone is harmed. May God intervene.
Thank you, all of you. Nothing we can do at this point in time except pray.
Update: We just finished talking to her and she had sent this e-mail to the family.
All- we're no longer under lock down- the professor has not been found as of yet.


Thank you all for your prayers. It has been a scary day. Was more unnerved by this than with her suster being a cop in the worst district in Chicago on the graveyard shift ("that's when the action happens, Ma").
Thanks for letting us know. Our thoughts are still with the community until the professor has been located and unarmed.
Pls let us know when they find him dead or alive. Thanks..
As of this morning the Police had allowed the park to reopen. They seem to be looking at it as a life goes on. He got his passport out of the safety deposit box but they found it at the house.