I rank pretty well for BnB - Ooops!

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Apr 22, 2010
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I did a little SEO and got us some rankings for stuff and BnB. Well I am sure most of you knew this but no one looks for "BnB". Changing to B&B.
Could you say that again in English?.
Proud Texan said:
Could you say that again in English?
I started to ask the very same thing, but backed out, figuring the rest of you spoke better Worldwide Web than I do. I did Google "SEO" and that helped a little.
Yep I agree with you. Search engines just take out the & and just use BB when someone searches anyway. And if you are referring to keywords, they don't even look at those anymore..at least the biggies.
I optimized my site to rank well for "my region" +"bnb" well no one on earth looks for that as I am 2 and 3 for that term. But "my region"+"b&b" gets tons of searches. For "my state' +"bnb" google serves up "my state" +"b&B" and asks if you are confused. Yep, I was hahaha. Changing out some keywords as we speak.
Never forget you can go into google and run a bunch of words/terms and see how they come up in searches (I did this in adwords). I remember a couple years ago being baffled that no one searched for "blue ridge parkway lodging" or something similar, I forget the dynamic now, they search for hotel or stay or something that I myself would never search for. But the breakdown of what was more common made my jaw drop!
A couple years ago bedandbreakfast.com seemed to let VA fall through the cracks on google and it was one of those: search for bed AND breakfast vs search for bed breakfast - and it made all the difference in the results.