If a guest slipped on the ice

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Oct 7, 2008
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If a guest slipped outside on the ice would you accompany to the hospital or what would you do? Have you had this happen, if so what did you do? Our hospital is only two blocks from us.
We have cleared our porch, pathway and ONE spot in the parking area, my car is going to be there a while, dh's truck is parked on snow. It was 37 today and the snow pack was melting and will be refreezing tonight.
I have but ONE room tonight, and they are not here and the sun is setting pink on the horizon as I type this. I am going to hope that with the entire town blanketed in snow they will take caution getting in and out of their vehicle and in the door here. They are here from Texas.
This comes up every year at this time when we discuss how to handle the snow & ice. The snow melts everyday and then freezes on the driveway. We've not had anyone slip. I do not think I would accompany them to the hospital if they did. Definitely give them all the info they need to get there or call an ambulance, but I would not want 'strangers' hanging around me in the hospital.
We do the best we can to 'keep up' with the ice by spreading sand & salt on the ice but guests need to exercise caution as well.
I am crossing fingers that we will have enough of a warm up in the next week to clear some of our ice. I got a rez this morning for Canadians with a horse. The road out to the stable and the lane down to the stable are ice right now. I have gotten permission frpm the restaurant across the alley to Plan B park the rig in their parking lot for the night so they can walk the horse and it can be in the trailer instead of a stall (at least it will not be moving) as a just in case. Only problem is I may have to shovel the parking area - the snow plowed from his parking lot was pushed there. Then again, there is always the VFD lot. If they come in a bit late and leave early..... That lot has had the snow packed down with all the people and snowmobiles and 4-wheelers in and out of there and by next Monday it will probably be gravel. See, there is more than just the guests to sweat out ice and snow about.
This is so unusual for me to realize. We go thru this sand-salt-freeze-thaw thing for 5 months! In April we can still be sanding and plowing!
We have it out there but have a ton of snow piled up everywhere from the plows and it is melting and refreezing. No I don't want to go to the hospital with a guest, just wondering what the protocol is. People expect snow where you live, they don't expect it here, but it is here!
See, as you know this is the first time I have ever asked this question on the forum.

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