If time and money were unlimited, what are some things you would add or change about your place?

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Don Draper

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Aug 10, 2008
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Just curious if others have a "wish list" as I do. Number one would be a larger kitchen, ours is miniscule and with a larger space I would be able to get a bit fancier with our breakfasts. Also, our ultimate long term goal is to have fewer guest rooms and make them more upscale/larger with heated bathroom floors, steam showers or hot tubs, and fireplaces. These are things that logistically we will be able to achieve after we have paid down our debt service the next few years.
I would take a smaller kitchen (ours is huge) for more space for us. Our own bathroom, and a bedroom seperate from the guest rooms and I would be a happy camper....doesn't take much to please me!
no plague bathroom
no room carpets in last two rooms, only asian rugs on wood flooring
make the smallest bathroom in the largest room the largest bathroom
Finish off the attic for an addtl area
repair the brickwork facade that is restoration work
replace the entire roof
have the old trees worked on properly
install a big time commercial range and hood
gut our bathroom and refinish it
refinish all hardwood floors throughout
I would do a major kitchen renovation of the inn's kitchen. Make our smallest room bigger and change the single jacuzzi into a double jacuzzi like the rest of our rooms. I would give our innkeepers house a total renovation.
Nice! I am loving these...I am in a "dream big" mode right now and you all are giving me good ideas.
Oh, and I'd have my third (and best) contractor redo the first bathroom we did... it's a great bathroom, I like it a lot, but it could be even better.
I would like to extend the island in the kitchen to include a end with tall barstools. Right now the kitchen is entirely workspace and nowhere to sit.
I would like more counterspace too.
I would do a lot of landscaped gardens and more plantings outside. Garden trellises and a gazebo. Enlarge and screen in the side porch for us.
In the kitchen: New countertops. Some doors on some cabinets.
Doesn't cost much money but the time! Getting our area the way I want it....
I'm happy with most everything else.