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Oct 7, 2008
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Would you at least apologize or let the owners know you have done this?
Thats one of my pet peeves. The guest who damages something and then sneaks away without apology or remorse. grrrrrr!
What are they thinking? Do they really believe that no one would notice?
Thats one of my pet peeves. The guest who damages something and then sneaks away without apology or remorse. grrrrrr!
What are they thinking? Do they really believe that no one would notice?
They think they will never be seen again...so they..hot foot it out of there quickly!!! And, I guess you would have a tough time making a charge for it stick because they could always deny it with their credit card company. And...who of you are going to call them on it???? Guess it is all just part of "doing business" and you go with the flow.
It's not a nice thing..but...you learn.
I guess I've been lucky, but I've NEVER had a guest sneak out without telling me something was stained or broken.
Only a few instances and always involving the bathroom. One tall guy knocked down a glass shelf and replaced it. Another lady knocked down the shower curtain and thought it was stained with the liquid from the reed diffuser. She left money to replace it. Luckily it disappeared once it dried. It just reeked for a couple weeks. It had tassels so was only dry cleanable.
Nowdays, I wouldn't put anything past people. They seem to have changed over the last year and are probably too cheap to tell you now.
i had a guest get little tiny blood stains on the sheet and mattress pad. she actually rinsed the stains mostly out of sheet in cold water in the bathroom and came to me with money for a new mattress pad. i declined the money, told her i thought for sure the stain would come out (which it did) she returned with a new mattress pad that she bought. all upset. gosh, totally unecessary .... but i thanked her profusely.
Thankfully we've not had too much damage, but every time it was something we found and no one told us about. That really makes me angry...especially if it is a stain, it's always easier to get it out the sooner you find it. We've never charged for anything like this even though we were tempted to.
The worst one we had was a couple with their adult mentally challenged son all staying in the same room. One queen bed and one twin bed, we thought the son was staying on the twin but evidently he was in the queen and he soaked everything with urine not once but twice. The first day they just left it all there for us...what a disgusting mess and the smell was unbelievable. We had to replace everything on the spot because they were staying over that night, luckily it all laundered ok. The next morning they had replaced our sheets, mattress pad and blanket with new ones from the local store, and left the comforter off the bed. But they still never said anything, they snuck out early.
I would not only apologize but offer to replace or pay for something that was broken or damaged. Luckily, that's never happened to me as a guest.
Small things have been broken here & folks have offered to pay for them. Worst scenario was our broken antique sofa in a guest room and the linens were also badly stained. Linens survived and the jury is still out on whether the sofa can be repaired. We took it out of the room almost immediately and put in new but antique looking furniture that we don't care about. I learned that sofas are bad seating options for the most part in rooms. Most rooms have chairs in their seating area now.
Yes, I would 'fess up and offer to replace/pay. Few things have been broken and only once was it not fessed up to - but the brothers-in-law tattled because they said he was trying to lay the blame on them. No offer of payment but each room left $20 tip that weekend.
We stayed at an inn on a donated GC once. My guess is that place has never donated another GC to another event EVER. I broke their honey dispenser. Did not know how the thing worked and kept pushing the lever. Well, eventually the honey that was kinda dried up let go and the base fell to the floor and broke. I cleaned it up, left the pieces on the counter so they would see it had been broken and I apologized in the morning. The rest of it is very embarrassing and 'girl-related'. Let's just say the bathroom pretty much looked like a murder had taken place. At that point I 'assumed' they had methods for cleaning the towels so I didn't say anything. (It was a large place so my guess is the laundry went out.) Of course I now know it's a lot of work to clean that kind of mess up. I'm pretty sure there was something else, but I can't remember it now.
However, we were pretty much the only guests there so all that work for nothing and all that clean up. Sigh.
I will say, tho, not that it matters, they did not do the 'whole show' for us. No fire in the fireplace even tho they kept promising it and no heat during the day in the guest spaces even tho it was January in VT. And you know my peeve about being warm.