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Jul 23, 2008
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I am so excited! The newspaper called and told me we have won the vote for the "best Bed & Breakfast" in the entire area! I'm so excited. I saw a ballot to vote on all the best (restraunts etc) go out in a major newspaper but was too busy to do anything about it. I totally forgot about it until they called to congratualte us. This is a huge honor because i would have thought one of the bigger or long term B&B's in the area would have won! The paper will be sending out a special edition with the winners in it. I have put an ad in 'thanking everyone' for making us #1 (because we really don't know who voted).
So I plan to squeeze all the life out of this that i can. I will put it on my web site and all published material anything else I should do? I don't really do any other advertising than the website. Oh I did't get the coupon sent in for the coupon book yet, so i put it on that too!
help and suggestions would be great!
Congratulations! That's great. A press release would be a good idea. I know you said it is going to be in your local paper but you might be able to get other papers to pick it up too...ov course if the contest was run by one paper, it may not get picked up by other papers.
Very good. That sort of local 'people vote' means a lot more than you might imagine.
Congratulations. Put a copy of the article in your press kit and get another copy and laminate it and frame it. Hang it where new guests can see it.

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