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Oct 7, 2008
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[h2] [COLOR= rgb(32, 32, 32)]Home health nurse indicted on check forgery charges[/COLOR][/h2]
(Sorry to be so much in the news right now this was the housekeeper I hired and fired!!) THIS IS HER. I have had TWO housekeepers in over 7 years, both lasted about 2 weeks! One never came back and the other - this one I had to fire. When I hired I said there would be background checks, in the paper, to dissuade this sort of thing! Nice, take advantage of homebound people.
I'm always amazed at how trusting some people can be. When I worked as an innkeeper for a large inn in Texas, the inn checkbook was right in an unlocked and unsecured desk in the kitchen area. Guests, employees, contractors, really anyone who had a notion to look in there could take them. I mentioned this to the owner and she thought that I was too worried!
I hope nothing went missing when this chick worked for you....
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PAII CEO Elected to U.S. Travel Association Board of Directors[/h2]
Way to go Jay!