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That was beautiful! I bought Glenn Beck's book last year and have wrapped & sent it to a grandson for Christmas this year. Hey, Granny has to read it first to make sure it is suitable.
The Christmas Sweaters - a True Christmas Tale of Rapscallion ...
By Shellie - The Innkeeper
I cannot call this story "The Christmas Sweater" as that title is already taken by Glenn Beck, and co author (a guest of The Claiborne House B&B) Jason F Wright (Bestselling author of Christmas Jars, The Wednesday Letters, etc.) ...

JB - Wordy blog article, but a funny true tale. (Sweaters in the USA, Jumpers overseas)
This is unbelievable to me that this innkeeper did not submit the taxes that were collected.....
ref [FONT= &quot][COLOR= #1111cc]Glen Ellen B&B seized for back 'bed' taxes[/COLOR] - how the heck does a city let this happen? I was 3 days late last month with my hotel tax and the city managed to "remind" me about the clause on the hotel tax form which stated the due date[/FONT].
Our lodging taxes are filed monthly here. If you are a month in arrears, you get a letter sent to you AND a certified letter. I don't know of the next steps but I think they don't mess around here either...
the only tax we have to send is called VAT (value added tax) and it is every quarter but if you are late with it it is $2000 fine (and you may only owe $500) so we are red hot about getting it in.

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