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May 17, 2008
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This is one I never thought I'd consider putting in a book for aspirings...
We live out in the country so there is lots of forest land as well as forest critters. Last night arond 1AM our dog wakes us up by letting out a few barks (remember our guests are our in their own cabins so his barking is not a huge deal to anyone other than us). So I quiet him down and then realize there is something out in the woods making some odd sounds .... odd enough that I couldn't wrap my brain around it immediately. Every 20 seconds or so it would let out this loud cry (wav file). I reasoned that it had to be either a small trapped dog, or a fox. Kept going on for 5 minutes, so I decided to go out and venture into the woods to have a look and to try to shut the thing up before it keeps our guests awake all night. I grab the flashlight (yes I always yell at people in scary movies who only go off with a flashlight) and head out the door in my jammies.
Just as I get out the door with my flashlight and focus looking out at the woodsline this furry critter bolts by my legs.... that would be one of my cats who is scared by the noise and desperately wanted in ....startled the crap out of me and now has elevated my heart rate. So I trek out down the road in my jammies with my flashlight into the woods and come upon this fox sitting there just above the creek making his cries. I shine the light on him, he stops. I move the light off him, he lets out another cry....great, some kind of light activated fox
. I puff up myself and stick my arms above my head and make like I am the monster in Bugs Bunny
and shine the light down on me from above my head and he scampers off (I know, poor little fox).
If I was not an innkeeper I either would have put the pillow over my ears and gone back to sleep, or fired a shot in its general direction (not directly at it). But instead I have to go handle it without making any alarming noises myself (I'm using my intuition in reasoning that guests don't like gunshots in the middle of the night). DW and I had a good giggle over it as we sat there in bed trying to get back to sleep. This morning though when trying to keep my eyes open I was not so happy about it. Only one out of three couples heard the fox, and thankfully nobody saw my monster impersonation.
Oh I know the fox cries well. LIke you, in the middle of the night when I hear them or a "cat fight" about to happen..I jump up out of bed and bolt to the door. One night I just reached down and grabbed my cat was so dark..I couldn't see the one he was about to tangle with..I just did it..of course my husband said "are you nuts?" I didn't even think, I just wanted the noise to stop.
heh, heh, heh.
i couldn't here the wav file.
but are you sure it wasn't a little bigfoot? they are very popular with tourists.
Drat... that sound site didn't allow direct linking, I just replaced it with another, that does.
We have screech owls and when they get gowing they sound like a cross between a baby crying and a horse nehing. Those freak a lot of people out if they've never heard it before. There are lots of noises I could blame on the little bigfoot. ;)
I don't have critters like that but I have what I now call Killer Tarpon after they left me with nightmares for some reason. Every now and then we get a run of them in the marina and they jump out of the water chasing something and slap their 6' long bodies along side the hullside which, of course, resonates through the entire boat.
The first time it happened and I saw how big they were, I had bad dreams all night long that they were nawing through the fiberglass. That kept startling me out of my sleep all night. Hence, the nickname Killer Tarpon.
I much prefer when the porpoise and manatee hang out around the boat. That's always an exciting moment for guests.
OMG! How Hilarious!! Not many wildlife noises here. A few Bald headed Eagles, they make a unique sound. I went out back to investigate the unusual call, but it was in the daytime. Ran back up the driveway, to wake up DH to take a picture of it. Almost had a heartattack from the run. Woke DH up went down the farmer's road to the back field and there he still was perched in the top of the tallest tree; looking as majestic as ever. DH raised his camera to take the picture and off the eagle flew. No picture but at least we got to see it up close. We had to move all the way to PEI to finally see a Bald Headed Eagle. They are nesting in the valley right below us.
A friend of mine gave me the bumper sticker on my car: "Discover wildlife, raise twins." Beyond birds and squirrels, that's about it. (But it's enough to get me up in the night!)
Haha! I had a great mental picture of you :)
My dh would just tell me not to worry about it & go back to sleep. I am the one that gets up with my golf club & flash light when there are weird noises in the night. Picture that...
That was a great story..pictured it all, would make a good start for a movie....
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