Innkeeper Test: Guest credit cards all declined - 'can I barter for my stay?' What would YOU do?

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What the heck did he want to barter for?
I would love for someone to stay and clean up all my leaves but I would have to know them and set it up in advance.
Maybe I would like to barter for pictures or artwork or an exchange with another innkeeper. Oh well I can dream and on and on the list goes.
I would not let him stay. He surley kwew his cards were maxed out.
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Information from: Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers:
I came in on this late...haven't been on the forum much lately. Thank goodness you sent this man on his way! No stay. You are not a charity or halfway house! Could have opened you to safety and liability issues. I would have been uncomfortable with this as someone on my own there for sure.
Curious, was this room booked by phone or online? How far in advance was it booked?
You could have asked for CASH but definitely not take a check.
Good job for sending him on his way!