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Oct 7, 2008
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I am off to meet an innmate from the forum for the first time in person. Also meeting another innmate who I have met before and think is the cats meow!
This is the perk of the forum innkeepers - hope you can plan on meeting at least one forum virtual innkeeper this year...time is running out for 2009! Put it in your planner for 2010. One hug is worth a million bucks! Maybe we will "Chat, vent, laugh and cry" as the folder title suggests. :)
I will be attending the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference in Jan.10-13 at the Homestead Hotel. Got to make a hotel reservation by Dec 17 and still need a room mate . Any females interested ?? . I'am not too weird
but need a room mate for the better rate. Already have it approved at work (vacation) and will probably close the B&B.Mary in Bridgewater.
Have fun! I'm hoping to meet a few more innmates this year, too.
I am going to be at the Conference Sunday night. I had signed up because I thought someone else was going - and it turned into a mess. Anyway, I canceled my registration but am going only to hear Jay. Since the room is already paid for (they charged my card when I reserved for the first night and cancelled my second night) another Innmate and I will them invade the territory of another innmate who I have had the pleasure of meeting.
We need to set a time/place for gathering Sunday after Jay' speech!!
I am available for Inn-sitting if anyone is interested!!! Just thought I'd throw that out there!
Going great so far.
I recommend this to y'all...uh oh I think I hear the inn-mate fetching me now..