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Jun 10, 2008
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I'm still on Cloud 9!!!!!!!
Got the new insurance quote today, just days before the official announcement that we are expected to have a heavy hurricane season, thanks to the end of El Nino and the beginning of La Nina. (Sorry New England friends, but I LOVE EL NINO!) ...and I just can't get that check written and mailed fast enough!
Rather than the usual "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am; may I please have another?," I got a quote from a different company (an A+ rated AMERICAN company - no Lloyds of London, Offshore Risk Management or Great Lakes crap cash value policies!) that doesn't have me reaching for my ankles and the Vasoline as is usually the case. More than tripled my liabiity and uninsured boater coverage (to $1 million each); upped pollution spill to $800,000; maintained an agreed value policy (that's muy IMPORTANTE!), still with a 5% deductible; named storm coverage; doubled my personal effects coverage; quadroupled the med pay; and CUT THE PREMIUM IN HALF!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! I'm finally back into the four figures for an annual premium. That's worth celebrating!!!!! It's not every day, or any day, that insurance coverage opens up in South Florida. Three years ago, you couldn't buy insurance in South Florida at ANY price! Just had to share...champange for everyone!
Congrats to you, enjoy that Champange. I just resigned with Wolf insurance...Mary in Bwater
GOOD FOR YOU! About time huh? Maybe it will bring more and become more competitive in pricing.
Great news! My renewal is coming up very soon and I'm holding my breath...It's always been bad news here.
That's amazing! I'm very happy for you, and hope that a little of that will come over to the Texas Gulf Coast. My windstorm insurance has gone up 3 times what I started at six years ago. Horrible at math, but is that 300%???
It's not easy making things work living in a high risk area. I pay more for taxes and insurance than I do for the P&I portion of my mortgage. Crazy...
Congratulations!!!! I have to pay the second half of my insurance this week. My renewal is in November. If I remember correctly, it held steady. I always breath a sigh of relief if it has not gone up mre than $200.

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