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Oct 7, 2008
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Recently discussing this with other innmates who have a twice annual inspection of their inn, I thought I would ask:
  • Do you require annual inspections to operate as a B&B? Full house or just kitchen from the health dept?
  • Is your place inspected annually? More than annually or less than annually?
  • Do you feel your guests appreciate this added security knowing they are staying at an inspected and approved inn?
  • Second Part: Are you a member of any association that requires an inspection? Do you display this badge on your website or in person at your inn?
  • How has this benefited yourself as the host or the guests who stay with you?
No annual inspections here. Do not belong to an organization that requires inspections. Oops, take that back, AAA and Mobil do come out and do inspections. Travel guidebooks send a 'fact checker' out every couple of years.
Not a single guest has ever inquired on the phone or in email if we are inspected. If we were inspected I would post it on the website.
In our state if you deny to be inspection by the health dept you may, but must display this fact "We are NOT inspected"
In our state if you deny to be inspection by the health dept you may, but must display this fact "We are NOT inspected".
You don't have to say it like that:) Here's a nicer way one VA innkeeper uses:
The Virginia Department of Health requires an inspection of all bed and breakfasts annually. Since B&Bs generally operate out of "home" kitchens, prepare only breakfast, and serve small numbers of guests, the VDH does not require an inspection of a B&B’s kitchen. Individual B&Bs may request a "hotel" inspection which includes an intense inspection of the facility’s kitchen. Like most other Virginia B&Bs, XYZ B&B does not opt for the "hotel" inspection.
We are inspected anually by our county health dept. They inspect both the kitchen and guest rooms. We also belong to our state B&B association which inspects every 2 years. B&Bs of 2 or less rooms have no inspection or regulations. That ticks me off...they can get people sick just as easily, if not more so, since they don't need to know about any sanitary practices (cross contamination, temps, etc.).
We've applied and are now waiting for approval before we make the required changes to our kitchen for a restaurant license and if that comes through, they will inspect the kitchen 2 times per year.
We do promote "inspected and approved on our website. No many folks are aware of it or ask about it. Recently, I had a guest comment that they chose us because of our membership in the state association and PAII. They figured we must be professional.
If you have more than one room here, the health department inspects the kitchen and guest rooms twice a year. It is not a scheduled inspection, so you never know when they might show up. There's a list of requirements for the kitchen if the kitchen is shared by the guests and innkeepers (labelling, etc.)
B&Bs here fall under an accommodation license for the county health department which meets State requirements as well. The county can be more strict than the State.
Since we had to display our business license and health department inspection score in a prominent place, guests noticed it and did comment on it.
There's no real State B&B organization here really. Only one of the three B&Bs here had a AAA rating but I didn't feel like it was worth it for 5 rooms.
"Since we had to display our business license and health department inspection score in a prominent place, guests noticed it and did comment on it."
Our inspection reports are posted online, so if someone does a google search, it will be listed below your b&b...most of the time it shows up on the first page of searches!
I have had at least one over the years who said "...we prefer to stay at members of associations because they are usually better quality.."
My Asoc inspects the first year you join and every third year thereafter. Since we are a State of 55 states counties each with a Health Dept that interprets the rules 55 different ways, inspections vary.
No health inspections here but we are inspected periodically for safety standards by both my insurer and by the fire dept. If I were a member of our state assoc. they do inspect (at least to become a member). We have never been asked about inspections, only a couple of times have I ever been asked if I was licensed!! Seems most inngoers do not think of such things.
We are with the AA who do a secret undercover inspection every other year and a planned on the alternate year. We are changing to Visit Britain which basically do the same thing but cheaper(you have to pay for this inconvenience) . We had an inspection from the health department this year they can come any time they like within reason (ie not 2am) they check fridge temps and cleanliness etc but they only do the kitchen. We have to have PAT testing done every year (I forget what this stands for) but it means you have to pay an elecrician to check everything with a plug in your place is safe. Which can be expensive as some electricians charge a dollar a plug. We have a friend who is an elecrician who does the whole lot for $100 and a bacon and egg butty. We can be checked for electrical safety randomly at any time (that is in the walls rather than appliances) We can also be inspected for fire stuff at any time but they usually come every 4 years but you have to self certify yourself every year. (ie send in a pack of what to do in a fire and escape routes etc and testing of your emergency lighting and fire alarms)
We are inspected by both the health department and fire department every year in order to remain in business.

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