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May 22, 2008
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One of our guests went out west of town with his daughter to get ice cream at the General Store (in the heart of a densely Amish area).
While stopped at a stopped sign he got side-swiped by a runaway Amish buggy... scratched up the side of his car. A truck chasing the buggy stopped. Police were called. Reports filed.
Apparently it was the boy's last day of school...
People told him if he didn't tie up that horse it would run away on him...
When asked about the make and model he said, "Chevrolet." (Then acknowledged it was an Amish-made Amish buggy.)
We'll see if they make the paper!
Yeah, it goes with my house full of Amish last week... who found us online, booked with a cell phone, and paid with a debit card.