Just how much do they think they can cram in???

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Jun 24, 2008
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First, she called to inquire about dates available (in Oct), the distance from their town (50 min. drive), info on our massage for 2, rates and about our Anniv Sp. discount (which expires the end of this month). I know they had to have seen our website! Most of this is covered there!
Then the first email:
"I called earlier today asking about reservations for next month. .... how much it would cost to stay one night, massage for couple. I would also like to know if horse back riding is available/cost and if you have shuttle service since we want to take the train into the area. If you could please let me know so we can start planning a weekend getaway."
My reply included the 2 night stay min. requirement for the massage as our therapist does not work evening. And aAfter checking the train schedule, the train arrives in MY TOWN at 6:03PM (IF on time!!!), but the return trip departs at 8:02AM, leaving very little time at the B&B when only staying one night. Also stated we were unable to provide a shuttle service due to business ins. restrictions but provided info on a few rental co. close to the depot which would also be handy when going for dinner, and to horseback riding (25 min. away).

Her next email:
"I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. However, after checking for a rental car there is nothing available and I was really hoping to take the train since he nor I have ever rode one before. Are there any restaurants within walking distance of your establishment? Is there any possible way you could pick us up and drop us off at the train station?"
Sometimes it takes all I can do to not say - 'I think your brain is lost, you best put out a search warrant.'
Don't waste your time on someone like this! Just say "sorry, we don't have any availiabilty."
Just reply that your insurance does not allow guests riding in your vehicles...or that you would need a chauffer's lic, or something similar.
Or just don't reply at all, she's wasted more than enough of your time already. She's not going to book and at this point you wouldn't want them to stay with you.

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