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The Farmers Daughter

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Jun 15, 2009
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We work hard. No secret there. I would like to know what works for you to help keep you on top of your game.
I worked an 18 hour day yesterday. I will work the same today. Quite frankly, I am exhausted and my season will go until November. I hired some help. I try to eat right and take good suppliments. I try to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night, but its not enough.
What do you do?
Take time off. You must. in ANY JOB you get time off. Time off meaning OFF
ditto to time off!
okay, so vacation in terms of days or a week might not seem possible but you have to work some actual down time in and a few days at a stretch would be best.
in the meantime, some ideas ... one might work for you
establish some kind of 'down day' as though you were working a mon - fri 9 to 5 job. and had saturday or sunday to yourself. hand over all but the most critical of tasks to your help and take that time FOR YOURSELF
after breakfast, after cleanup, after checkouts, after what i HAD to do, i started trusting tasks to help and at 1 pm i went to my room, set the alarm for 2:45, turned on a fan, put on a sleep mask, and rested until the alarm went off. got ready for 3 pm checkins. note was on the door that checkins were 3 to 7. guests would often come early, but i was not available yet.
when there is a lull in the activity, stop doing, lock the door and walk down the street. go someplace else. anyplace else OUTSIDE of the place.
yoga ... simple stretches. just stop what you are doing. stop all inn work and do some body work. breathe and stretch and take that time for you. phone goes to voicemail.
a shower or a soak in the tub. again ... when there is a lull or when the housekeeper(s) is running around. or schedule it. get in the tub and just relax.
instead of multi-tasking all the time while you are waiting for guests to check in, sit on a porch swing, in a rocking chair, anywhere and just sit. read. observe. listen. be still. calm your mind. take 20 minutes or a half hour just for you to be still.
if you don't take care of you, who will?
Get out of the house.
There are 2 of us here and we hire a housekeeper for the summer. Gomez goes out for a couple of hours/day and I try to get out for a 2 mile walk everyday with a friend.
The summer I worked like you are doing I was the world's worst bitch. Get out of the house. Delegate more to the housekeeping staff. Tell the PTB to take a flying leap. If they think they can do the job better, have at it. The more you do, the more they will expect. Corporate 101.
We just went out for dinner. Pretty unusual for a summer evening, but we're non-stop here for at least another month, so we have to do this when we can.

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