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May 17, 2008
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If I were in your kitchen sharing inn secrets, what appliances, untensils or gizmos would you happilly recommend to a fellow innkeeper?
For me it would be:
  • Wide drawers instead of cabinet doors on base cabinets - these make it easy to store all the items used to keep in cabinets (and more) and they make getting things in and out much easer.
  • choppingmat_0.jpg
    flexible chopping mats - Makes cutting and transporting food from prep to cooking easy, and they take up no space.
  • calphalonstirfry_0.jpg
    Calphalon One Stir Fry Pan - This works great for making sauteed apples, sauteed strawberries and other fruit sauces. (also makes great stirfry and bean combos too, but those aren't for guests ;) It cleans up easily and looks great on the stove (which is important for us be cause of our open floorplan) Essentially non-stick only without the teflon to get scratched off.


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May 22, 2008
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Pineapple corer.

Couldn't get the pic to insert..
Oooh as head pinapple cutter in this house, that looks like it could save me a lot of time. ;)
To put in a photo you have to upload it to the server first. Yours is referencing your hard drive. (adding a photo)
The pineapple has to be 'just right' or you'll be making pineapple juice or upside down cake later on. Either it comes with different size 'heads' for different size pineapples or there are a couple of different sized corers in the box. It is quick. And cheaper than buying it already cut.


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Jun 10, 2008
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Oddly enough, some of the things from my tool box have migrated to the galley, and vice versa. I now keep the infrared thermometer (which was purchased for the purpose of taking temperature readings off of the engines' exhaust, heat exchangers, turbos, etc.) in the kitchen. I use this a lot for checking the heat of a saute pan or griddle before adding the food or batter (pancakes!), and for verifying the temperature of warm milk or water for yeast breads where temperature is critical for yeast blossom. It's instant, accurate and nothing to have to wash or clean afterwards. Likewise, my creme brulee torch gets more use in putting heat shrink on electrical connections all over the yacht, than it does in browning sugar on top of custard.