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May 22, 2008
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So, I got those new blankets and they have the satin trim on them. They've been on the beds for 2 of our slowest months and they're a disaster. The satin trim is stained beyond cleaning. I'm guessing from night creams and lotions. I washed 2 of them in hot, soapy water yesterday for an hour. Still a wreck. Short of ripping the satin trim off and hoping the edges underneath can be hemstitched, what do you suggest for washing them?
I will take all of them off the beds and wash if anyone has a good solution.
I would do the peroxide/soap solution. If you think it might be something oily that's causing the stain I'd use Dawn dish detergent. 1/2 Dawn and 1/2 peroxide. Soak at least 30 minutes, then wash.
Soak the whole blanket? Kind of tough to just do the edges.
Soak the whole blanket? Kind of tough to just do the edges..
Just the edges. If it gets on the rest of the blanket, that's okay. But you really want it to soak into the stain as much as possible so that the peroxide can pull the stain out.