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Apr 26, 2021
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Steamboat Springs, Colorado
We are a 7-acre oasis with lodging accommodations for one group at a time of up to 28 guests, specializing in family reunions, retreats and weddings. Currently looking for a property manager/on-site caretaker to start ASAP. If you know of anyone that would be a good fit, please have them go to our website to make sure they align with our vision and mission before applying. www.bellavistasteamboat.com. Please send resume sent to [email protected].

Compensation: $40,000 - $45,000 for first year including 1 bedroom furnished apartment with all utilities and supplies. 1 month off each winter, paid vacation, health insurance contribution, IRA match, and large tip potential. ***No dogs allowed on property.

Primary Responsibilities:

Repairs and Maintenance:
  • Service and manage the entire estate by maintaining all Bella Vista property, fixing all items that need repair, improving building equipment and grounds continually.
  • Painting, patching, carpentry, plumbing and electric as needed.
  • Removing snow, mowing, fertilizing, and overseeing all landscaping and weed control.
  • Maintaining pool, hot tub, water system pump and filtrations. Cleaning the pool in the summer and balancing the pool and hot tub water daily.
  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance items (such as batteries for smoke detectors, replaced filters, critter inspections and trap setting, generator condition and report of monthly hour meter reading, fall and spring opening/closing of systems, and any seasonal or ongoing projects).
Improvement Projects:
  • Perform larger improvements to the property as needed such as remodeling certain areas, tile, bathroom or kitchen improvements, or any other task that may be needed in order to maintain the property in the best shape possible.
  • Duties may also include delegating tasks by hiring and managing contract labor.
  • Larger jobs that are planned for the future should be documented to include time frame for completion and estimated cost and help needed.
On-Site Guest Needs:
  • Welcome arriving guests, go over rules about property, and be on call 24/7 when guests are on site.
  • Troubleshoot any maintenance issues that arise while guests on property.
  • Perform daily walk through when guests are on property including trash and recycling pick-up and straightening out the house.
  • Drive guests in the shuttle to and from town including airport pick-ups as needed.
  • Manage all turnovers ensuring the entire estate is flipped and ready to go for the next group.

    Skills Required
    • Two (2) years maintenance experience. Handy man/woman, fixer upper- should be able to take anything apart and be able to fix it and put it back together.
    • Two (2) years customer service experience.
    • Well-rounded with lots of different capabilities
    • High integrity with your work
    • Great customer service skills
    • Mature
    • Pro-active and wants to stay busy
    • Flexible with your time
    • Good and safe driver with excellent driving record
    • Enjoys maintaining a house