meteor shower tonite ( tuesday )

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Jun 2, 2008
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i was soooo looking forward to the meteor shower tonite (triffids be damned) but the fog has rolled in thick and seems to be blocking any chance i have of seeing some. still, i'm going outside at 9, and again around midnite ... just before dawn is another opportunity.
just thought i'd mention it.
if you have a clear sky (and here i was worried about the bright moon!), take a blanket to shield out the light around you.
Not clear here at all. We love the Perseids and try to catch the show every August.
It will still be good for the next few nights, so try again tomorrow!
seashanty said:
triffids be damned
Haha! That's one of my favourite novels!
I'll be (trying) to get up before dawn to watch the Perseids. Last year we set the alarm for 2:30am to get up after the moon set. We have NO light pollution here so if the sky is clear, we always have a great show.
DW and I were out in the hammock and saw six meteors before we turned in. We'll get up at 3 to see if we can see some more. It's clear skies here...
I took the ds5x2 out to my sister's tonight... it's as clear as can be and we saw a bunch.

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