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Sep 14, 2009
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We are a new inn, but have received a few emails and letters of recommendation. Does anyone have any tips on going about sharing this information with our guests and possible guests without seeming boastful? We are proud of our accomplishments and the satisfaction of our guests, but we don't want to scare any guests away by seeming to self-involved. We want to share our feedback in a tasteful manner so the comments don't appear fake or "made up".
Thanks for the help!
USe one page of your website to post guest feedback, comments and testimonials. Good feedback is very convincing to a guest considering staying with you.
I didn't see any photos of your rooms on the site...I hope you plan to add a page for your rooms!
Rather than photo tour, you should call that link ROOMS & RATES and put the rates right along with each room. It takes too much time going back and forth to see room pics and then to go find your rates.
I agree, a separate page with "guest comments" is fine. But don't use the whole thing...just quotes...people DO NOT READ! will find this out soon enough.
Get your self on line availabilty at the very least. You don't want someone calling you at 3 am. THis is a MUST for an inn today!!!
best wishes.
I have a comment page on my web site and I add the comments from my guests books. I do not allow outside input - leaves me open to trash from scum and I do not want to deal with that. I add a few more from time to time.
We post reviews and awards we've received right on our site. We're proud of our accomplishments and want our guests to know how dedicated we are to making their stay here wonderful.
I agree with the other posts about having good reviews listed on your site. You may also want to ask your responders to post their reviews on some review sites such as trip advisor, yahoo and any directory site you are listed with that allows guests to comment on their stay.
Good luck and welcome to innkeeping and this forum!
Had a guest last week who seemed hohum with us until he noticed the frame in the dining room. DH matted the Tourism Week Proclamation from 2008 with the photo of me accepting it on behalf of the Tourism Industry from the Governor with the Commissioner of Tourism standing next to me. It increased our stature considerably! It is surprising what silly things impress people.
i suggest you glance through some websites you like of other b&b's and inns. if they have guest comments, see how they are placed, on what page, how long they are and if they appeal to you. then, you do likewise.
if they rave about your breakfast, then you put one or two on the breakfast page. comfy beds? put that on your rooms and rate page (and yes, please do put your pictures right there on the page with the description and the room rate - pull me in, show me the room, and make me want to book).
oh, and welcome
Welcome to the forum Danner House!
The first sight of your inn is your website, no one will read the accolades if the website is not professional. I know you didn't post here to have your website reviewed, but the first place to start would be photos of your rooms with the rates, online reservations - calling to book is like 10+ years old. You would be shocked at your occupancy increase if you took online reservations. Webervations is a great system and cost effective, and there are plenty of others out there.
From there you can add your accolades to your website on a separate page "Read what others are saying about us!" Or some title that catches potential BnB guests eyes.
All the best.

Welcome Danner House. I've been debating for a couple of days if I should just welcome you or whether your post also invited us to input our thoughts on your website. I didn't want to seem critical the second you got here!
I'll do both, since others have mentioned your site. You have hit on a resource here (innspiring) which can be a goldmine. If you are willing to take help and critique from us, we can give you some ideas that will be invaluable to you.
The only thing we know about you at the moment is your website. It needs help, but maybe you already know that. Do you want our input?

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