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May 22, 2010
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I'm missing Morticia. When will she be back? Her website shows rooms for rent. Is she using an innsitter?
It's very thoughtless of her to take a vacation and only think of herself and her family
Sometimes Leaf peeper season overwhelms innkeepers so they have to take a vacation from activities they posting here.
That's what is happening here. I had to block off a couple of days or DH would have gone on strike. I can only help so much being stuck here at the university during the week. We are slammed with B&B and tours and our peak for leaves is not until the last week of October.
October is our second busiest month, and we are not in prime leaf-peeping country. No days off til November. We tried to take the day before DH's birthday off - got away for about 6 hours and when we got home the phone rang off the hook until 9:30 p.m. We didn't take any guests but it wasn't much of a break...
We took a few days off last week. Blocked them off before innsanity set in, now guests like y'all for the next 25 days solid. Well has been since we got back.
"5 minutes in nature is better than one prozac" I am quoting someone else, but don't forget to get outside while it is still lovely.