Most imaginative retooling of the Thanksgiving bird

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Oct 7, 2008
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Care to share your most imaginative retooling? We are talkin' turkey here so let's go beyond the sandwich and into some other quick imaginative method for this yummy leftover.
'Twas the Monday after Thanksgiving,
and all through the town
it was dreary and raining
and making us frown.
We wanted to still be
at home in our beds,
with visions of turkey legs
dancing in our heads.
But alas, we must pay bills
and buy Christmas stuff
so we packed turkey sandwiches
and left in a huff.
My personal favorite variation of the turkey sandwich is creamed turkey: dice the turkey into small pieces, cook in a sauce pan with milk, butter and flour to make a rich sauce. Serve over toasted white bread. Yum!
sorry ... my favorite IS the turkey terrific sandwhich (turkey, mayo, cranberry sauce and stuffing bulging out of thick, multi grain bread) hohum tho it may be, it's my favorite. and we always make stewp. soup so thick it's like stew.
Turkey Saag
(Based on Chicken Saag, an Indian curry with tomatoes, spinach, and chicken)
All of mine is now frozen and ready to go for wintry nights when I return home from a gig and don't feel like cooking!
I make it a goal to not waste one ounce of the big bird. So right after dinner, I cut all the meat away from the bird and put it away. Then put the bones in a big pot to boil for broth.
For all of my leftover recipes, I use that broth. It always seems to be just exactly enough.
I have 3 standby favorites:
Turkey Pot Pie (usually the first thing to be made and the one that rarely has much in the way of its own leftovers!) to use up all the leftover veggies, gravy, and a few cups of meat.
Turkey a la King (I make a BIG pan of this so there are 2 or 3 meals for the freezer)
then finally with the remaining meat and broth:
Jambalaya (again, plenty of leftovers in the freezer from this one)