Most personal question asked by a guest/inquiry over the phone?

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Oct 7, 2008
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If you can recall, what is the most personal question a guest or inquiry has asked you over the phone?
How did you react, did you answer then regret it, or feel invaded? How did you handle it?
Sorry, I can't ever remember a guest asking anything personal of us when calling on the phone...other than if we had animals. And honestly nothing really that personal when they have stayed here ..other than inquiring about children or past occupations.
"What is your occupancy?"
I've gotten that numerous times, but I don't think over the phone. It's usually when the guests are talking during their stay. I don't think that most of them really understand that by asking that question that's it's rude and basically they're asking "how much money do you make a year?"
I've also been asked how much we paid for the B&B. I will never answer either of those questions and am always stunned at what some people will ask.

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