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Flora Jen

Jan 24, 2023
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Denver, Colorado
Hello from Denver! We renovated and restored a Victorian mansion last year, opened in late September! We are a sustainable business and focus on inclusivity (we hope the people will should feel just as supported and cared for a our many -many plants!) This is my first adventure in the B&B world and now, just 4 months in, I am so thrilled to find this group and meet others in the business! I can't wait to hear all about your experiences, share a few of ours, and learn from your wisdom :)

First question for the group - who do you love for Property Management software? We're ready to update/modernize/customize, would love an option with desktop and app functions, and not be tethered to the provider's merchant service if possible. Waddya think?
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I use ReservationKey for reservations and Square for credit card payments (fee ONLY when I run a card). Some use ThinkReservtions, some use RezNexus. I like ReservationKey becaus it has reports, a lot of "bells & whistles", and a tiered fee depending on number of rooms.
We also use Reservation Key for our 8-room motel. I find it more reasonable than many, fits our needs, and I think you can use/try for a month without charge to see if it fits your needs. I use our local Wells-Fargo Bank for my credit card machine and through them, Authorize for online payments as we take a small deposit when a reservation is made.
Welcome! You'll find lots of great information here from our wonderful members.
On reservation software, you'll find the majority of members fall into three camps. All are good choices, and you should explore all three before making a decision. All 3 have tiered pricing based on the number of rooms.
ReservationKey is probably the most popular. It's a good starter program that many members find meets all their needs, have all the features required, and they stay with it even if they grow.
ThinkReservations has a few more features, and has great customer service.
ResNexus is sort of the Cadillac of programs. It's more expensive, but has very, very detailed deep-dive reporting and features.

Good luck!
Wish you the best of luck in this wonderful new venture!
We inherited ThinkReservations when we arrived as the new Innkeepers and 2 years later switched to ResNexus; primarily for a few booking engine items that Thiink did not offer at the time. I am not familiar with ReservationKey yet form others on this site; it sounds like a very viable choice.