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Mar 11, 2009
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Just got a call" I'l be there at 9:30-10:p.m." .I said O.K.. Cottage will be unlocked. What time do you want breakfast tomorrow& got her order. She made a Webervations reservation for the 25&26, is'nt that Tues/Wed ?? Glad its open tonight and I got it ready. Never had this happen before. I didnt tell here she made a mistake on the reservation.....So goes the life of an Innkeeper !,,,,, Mary in Bridgewater, Va.
yes, i've had this happen. guests referring to the days' staying (including the day they check out), also have (myself) looked at the wrong month ... even had guests looking at the wrong year ... good thing the room is available for them!
That's why even when confirming a Webervations request I state the date and the day of the week of arrival and departure because there are times that I have gotten dates and days mixed up.
Seems to happen about once a year. We get the innstant freak out first though! Good thing she is late
Yep, that is why in my confirmation letter I state arriving ____day, August __ departing on ___day, August __.......... It has saved a lot of aggro!
Hi All....She made the Web.reservation Aug.22(late booking).I stated her dates but did not state the days in the Confir-mation. Guess I will from now on !!..Mary in Bridgewater.

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