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The Tipsy Butler

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May 30, 2008
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Not the best pics, but you get the idea. Behind the chair is a hallway that leads to the bathroom shared with the main room. I've hung a robe and extra towels there just to help define the transition. To the right of the table and chair is a cedar closet. We'll be "upgrading" as we go .... flat screen TV, new chair, new bedding etc, but I've learnt that if you wait until you think it's perfect - it never happens. So - this is it for now ... and yes - I miss the convenience of my housekeeping closet but it was a serious waste of premium space.
Looks FAB super clean and neat but in keeping with the property and ambiance. top marks all round.
Beautiful! I love that color combo, we have a room in the same shades! I really like that runner.
I like the rug beater on the scullery maid's wall. We have one hung up in our dining room. We get more questions on "what is that?" than anything else in the house.
Don't know what you other options are space wise. we are thinking of converting the loft maybe 2 more rooms or just some extra space. We have some regular guests who set up for conferences but before they started doing that they were roofers and loft converters so have offered to beat any price for doing my roof (which needs doing next year really) and converting the loft at the same time. Depending on money im very tempted!