New Screen Doors!

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Don Draper

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Aug 10, 2008
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Ever since we bought our Inn we've been bothered by the wood core screen doors leading to our outdoor areas. They are slowly rotting, and because they are a custom size it was cost prohibitive for us to replace them.
Until NOW! My carpenter uncle was able to buy a standard size door (much less expensive) and cut it to the appropriate size so they are getting replaced tomorrow. Just such a good feeling to get rid of something that was driving you nuts for so long! Thank God for helpful family members.
Guest this morning said "With a house this old you just have to work on the upkeep" yeah 'just' people don't know what is involved in a B&B. He told us about all the historic B&B's hosting weddings in the nW, Naww never heard of doing that. DOH THe po's here ONLY hosted weddings, and the next po's did weddings and whole house bookings, that was their niche, this was pre internet really, only guidebooks.
I told him we have a long list of maintenance and repairs PLUS renovations and restorations - then the fires are put out as they appear - which is usually about one "Deal with me right now or else" fire a fortnight.