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May 22, 2008
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So we had an open house this weekend. I baked oatmeal cookies, choclate nut cookies, peanut butter with kisses cookies, fudge & brownies. It's all packed up in bags now. And it's in the kitchen calling to me. The voices, the voices, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
I have 2 meetings to go to this week. IF there is anything left, it will go with me. If there's nothing left, I'm going to have to walk to both meetings, one of which is 5 miles away!
I will take a few off your hands. Heck, I already have saddlebags!
You guys are just too funny LOL
When I saw the title of the thread I immediately thought about how my favorite recipe, even cut in half, results in extras for me...
As I read the title of this thread before opening it to see what it was, THAT was the exact thought going through my mind. In all fairness, I had just printed a grocery shopping list for a one-week long charter, 6 passengers - it was 6 type written pages long and that didn't include the bar run.