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Jun 24, 2008
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Anyone receiving email from me - please email was hacked into....Grrrrr! Thanks to those that contacted me.
Thanks for the heads up. I was late getting into things due to a VERY active morning. Had opened to find a link, but did not have a chance to click on it.
this morning:
innkeepers from NY leaving (I am sending her the link to the Forum)
our City Office Supervisor called me to tell me my paycheck was waiting for me
Mayor of Wheeling called to talk to me about a request I had from the other Kathleen about his City and my City Manager dinked in to tell me my training packet had arrived from Charleston (Sec of States office for my city election) and my paycheck was ready.
Then I showed the innkeeper my online reservations (and in the process found something I need to ask about) - they do not have online rez
And she is going to talk to her regional assoc about being part of the Thank You Veterans!!
Now on to laundry and paying my insurance!!!
Yeah, when your list of 'friends' included a 'no-reply' @ some company I figured you were hacked. And because you're usually so chatty, just a single line with a link just wasn't you.
Glad you posted this. I just checked my email and had an email from you but figured I would check here and/or email you and see if it came from you. Including me there were 9 people listed on the email.
All seems to be back to normal now. Full day of virus and malware checking/cleaning. As well as changing my passwords just for safety sake.
And because you're usually so chatty, just a single line with a link just wasn't you.
Sometimes that pays off.
But glad you know me!