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May 22, 2008
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Wednesday my friend from the road we grew up on (Brooke County - the Northern Panhandle) called to ask how Thanksgiving went. While we were talking she said, "Davy was out hunting today to see if he could get you a deer - oh, he just went by and there is no deer on the 4-wheeler but he just went up the road to the old camp. I will call you if he gets one there." A few hours later, the phone rings - he got one. It is hanging in the car port and it is cold enough it will be ok until you can come.

I did not have to report for jury duty yesterday, so drove down to Ritchie County (about 65 miles from my house) yesterday after serving breakfast to a "walk-in guest" and picked up the young buck (little nub antlers) and took him to the butcher (17 miles from my house in another direction). This time I told the butcher a small roast, the tenderloins, and grind the rest with 10% pork (venison is so lean it need fatty pork ground with it for sausage). He is a bit bigger than the doe he got for me last year. Venison sausage is still on the menu for another year! And I even made it home in time to go to the dress rehearsal for the Concert Saturday night.
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