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May 22, 2008
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I have been buying my green coffee beans - and my roasters - from Burman Coffee Traders for many years now. Last night I got my monthly e-mail about their Specials. In the past, they gave roasting and taste notes about the different roasts of the featured Specials. That has been missing the last couple months so I replied to the e-mail that I missed those notes. I got a reply today that they will be back, it is just that things have been a bit hectic lately.

I replied to that how ,ore than the missing taste & roasting notes, I miss that my beloved roasters are no longer available., included the link to the model no longer being made. He replied that he thinks he may have one stashed somewhere and will look for it and check to ensure it still works if he finds it. he may have one or two. I told him I want however many he finds, just tell me how much! I had explained how I use their coffees as donations in addition to for my guests. He must have looked at my file because he remarked what a good customer I have been through the years. Woohoo!! I may not have to learn how to use another roaster!!
AND the company hat made the wireless microphone system I bought for Council meetings is goin to replace it. I sent the first message asking yesterday afternoon and the asked for address last night. Woohoo.

Been multi-tasking this morning. One son & granddaughter of a friend who is dying asked yesterday if I had anything told him 2-rooms but only for last night unfortunately for hi. I have both of those rooms booked tonight and tomorrow for another funeral. 5 for breakfast, got the sheets & towels in the washer before going to the Community Garden, back with 10 minutes to make the pork sausage for tomorrow (today my my venison sausage), before an online CVB meeting. Dishes next. UGH! I am too old for this much work. Break is over. Bye

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