Owwwww - What a weekend

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The Tipsy Butler

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May 30, 2008
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Wow - what a weekend. It was always going to be a busy one.
This Saturday was the 1st Annual Pirate Rendezvous in Damariscotta and the launch of our new ice-cream line at the store - SO - lots and lots and lots to do and a check list a mile long, plus a full house of guests and some of my oldest, dearest friends coming to see us.
Thursday early afternoon I kicked off my errands list with a trip to the local supermarket and on my way home got myself into a serious car accident - another driver T-Boned me. The rest of the weekend "just happened". I THINK that everything that needed to get done got done. Hubby was doing "authentic" Dominican pirate barbecued pirate fare for the Pirate Rendezvous so we were up at 4:20 a.m. to get the barbecues down to the site so he could get his enormous pork roasts done and I needed to get back to the inn to make the raspberry blackurrent sorbet for breakfast. Hubby's BBQ went superbly - he was serving the pork with very traditional sides - cassava, plantains, his "green sauce" and wassakaka. The food was gone in an hour , all plates were empty and people were "drinking" the green sauce and wassaka. The event was enormous fun. I'm still a little "shell-shocked" and honestly, I think the fact we were so ridiculously busy this weekend helped me go into auto-drive. I'm feeling tired and sore today but all the rooms need to be done so I'm just going to get on with it
I also found out last week that my adored step mother has breast cancer.
Bree ..... I'm hoping this is #3 and I'm now DONE with the bad things. I have a charmed life most of the time but when that stuff hits the fan it's usually pretty major.
Wow, I am both tired and hungry after reading all that happened. I hope you are ok and recover rapidly.
Hope you're ok. I know with everything that was going on, the ol' adrenaline was flowing so you may have been hurt and you don't 'realize' it yet.
Sorry about your step mom. Hope that it was caught in plenty of time for all the treatments to work their magic.
I can see Tony as a pirate, believe me!
OMG!!! You were t-boned in your car and you continued to do all that! Whoa!
We had 4 rooms and an event on Saturday night and that was enough to do me in.
I hope you're OK!
PS...What energy drink do y'all consume??? ;-)
I hope you (YOU not the vehicle - they replace) were not badly hurt. My daughter is still not back to work from February when the snowplow T-boned her. (Cops cannot work if they cannot chase a creep) I hope no one was hurt.
I hope you give yourself a breather and at least get a long hot soak to help your muscles. Remember, we never get handed more than we can handle.
Prayers for your step-mom.
How are you doing today? Are you feeling better I hope?