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Jun 30, 2009
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Is anyone a member of PAII?
Is it worth the cost or just another assoication to join?
hi oldcharm,
whooboy ~ strong feelings on this forum about paii. definitely read the threads that muirford suggests and maybe come back with more questions if you want.
It is supposedly being revamped; so I would wait a month or two to see what's being proposed.
I don't think its all that and a bag of chips. I dropped my membership a couple of years ago. Just something else to throw money at.
It was good when we first started out, good if you just want info more than anything else...just my 2 cents plus I think its just a little pricy for us
farmers daughter and birdwatcher... thanks so much!! that's exactly what I was looking for. Simple but truthful!! Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!!
I liked PAII as an Aspiring...their information was very helpful.
Here is my 2 cents for what it is worth.
I did not join PAII because I could not see wht an International Association would be able to do for me that my State Association could not. That was before Jay came on board. NOW I wish I could afford it. Maybe next year I will be able to squeeze it from somewhere.
Jay has taken on issues that only NUMBERS make the other side sit up and at least listen. The things he is tackling, a Big Boy says "go way, Kid, you bother me." - the State Assoc. is the Kid. Not enough numbers. All the innkeepers from all over the world banded together - they will ate least listen. JAY has taken PAII and made it worth something. Without the numbers and the $$$ nothing happens. I have commited my dollars to pay a PR firm for a November promo I wanted to do with inns around the State so I am up against it until probably February. Do I expect to gain anything tangible (as in heads in beds or a measurable benefit) for my inn by joining? NO. What I will be buying with my membership is supporting someone who is going to benefit the entire industry or at least try to. For me, it will be the right thing to do.

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