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Aug 7, 2008
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Does anyone know where to buy a white duvet cover online? I have some down comforters that need to be enclosed in a white cover. I am having a heck of a time finding any online. I looked at Linensource but didn't see any. I also looked at The Company Store. I found a site called but there are no prices. Any suggestions?
I was browsing through all the posts and saw this company mentioned Pacific Coast Feather Company. They seem to have all sorts to do with Duvets.
I have ordered all my linens from and they let you return if things are not right as well. You can also see comments on their stock from others who have purchased.
I think you have to register with Innstyle to see the prices. I don't find they are too competative with a lot of their stuff, though.
I am haveing some made with zippers on the bottom to open them up and straighten them out with very little effort. They fold over and button on top. I am all about ease when fixing these. I am having them made out of white sheets.
Bed Bath and Beyon now have plain white ones. You might be able to order online.
With Innstyle you need to register and get a password.