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Jun 2, 2008
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just found out there is a goodbye party for the owners of the general store who are retiring and moving away
it's pot luck and it's at 6 pm tonite.
do you a suggestion of something to bring? i can go over to the general store to buy ingredients if it's something fairly simple to put together. geez, talk about last minute! i don't have a crock pot so meatballs are out. i could do a quiche maybe ...
How 'bout Piggy Pudding? No lie, it's Paula Deen's recipe and that's what she calls it! I sometimes make it for guests but we've been searching for a better name... it's great since it's only 3 ingredients and tastes great...our guests have loved it!
Piggy Pudding
16 link pork sausages
4-5 tart apples, peeled, cored, sliced
One 7.5 oz. pkg. corn bread mix (prepare according to directions on pkg.)
Preheat oven to 450F. Cook sausages until done, piercing with fork to let out fat. Drain, then arrange in a 9" sq. baking dish. Layer sliced apples on top. Pour corn bread batter over all and bake for approx. 30 min. or until corn bread is done. Serve with warm maple syrup.
Fun! I can't believe you can't think of anything to make after everything you've made for your guests. I love quiche--most people rarely get to eat it and it works as an appetizer in little squares!
Or what about one of your famous banana breads or library pies? Just use up whatever you have leftover there.
I'm so glad you have a party to go to after the week you've been through!
Do they know you are going as well?? They should include a going a way to you:)
I hope you have a great time. I can only imagine the week you've been thru. I hope you are able to enjoy yourself. You deserve it
thanks for the ideas. i know, weird that i feel on the spot for what to make ... except that last nite for 'supper' i had popcorn.
it was that or eggs or salad (again) ... i just don't have a lot of food on hand and the kitchen is getting pulled apart as i scrub up what's mine and what is staying.
i don't need a party for me. i am content to go see them off ... i wouldn't really want it to turn into a goodbye for me.
Do you need to bring a main course dish? Can you bring a big salad or a dessert instead? My Graham Squares recipe on here is super-fast to come together and requires very few ingredients. A guest last weekend asked for the recipe to bring to a potluck lunch.
Try the herb bread in the recipes...
3 cans flaky pilsbury biscuits
2 tsp italian seasoning or herbs d' provence
1.5 sticks butter melted
Heat oven to 350. Melt butter, stir in herbs, Put biscuits on end in bundt pan, pour over biscuits. Bake 25-30 minutes. Voila! this is a beautiful bread...

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