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Jun 24, 2008
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I am needing to send out a press release regarding our 10th Anniversary & promotion. I have not done one since we opened
and would like some tips from anyone willing....
Just make sure you get
"Who what when where why and how's" of it, make sure you get all of your contact info including website and e-mail addy and a really nice photo.
Get everything that is important in the first paragraph. Expound in the second etc but write it so it makes sense if it is cut off at the end of each paragraph. Do short paragraphs. If they only have space for the first paragraph and cut the rest, your message is there. If you get two paragraphs, cool but it should make sense if it stops there. Etc. Of course the subject of the e-mail is FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. E-mail is the preferred method to receive them also.
Coming from one who is on the receiving end:
If your release is written with the viewer/reader/listener in mind -
What is the compelling reason to air your message?
For radio, I look for a short read, under a minute. I want:
The event, or the announcement, and a little twist, to make it interesting.
the location and time.
Really: Thats about it. If you send me a novel, Its 90% sure it won't get used.
KMUN, Astoria, Oregon
Truth be told, I have sent PR to our local newspapers every once in a while, but I write the whole article. Several times I have had them printed just as written.
Granted, it was with some reporters name as the byline, but I didn't care.
Congratulations on your anniversary!

Ten years is a long time and it's great that you are celebrating and advertising your success. I agree with everyone above. Keep it simple, list what your B&B offers, list your special promotion, and make sure you list ALL your contact information. You might want to consider hosting an open house for a brief period of time, say 1-3 p.m., where you can attract new guests, give them a quick tour, and get their contact information by having them fill out a raffle form for a chance to win an overnight at your B&B.
Don't forget to lead with a good news hook -- in this market, bargain pricing gets the most coverage -- perhaps something like, "To celebrate our tenth anniversary, for the week of July XXX, we're rolling back our prices to the 1999 levels." Or, ""To celebrate our tenth anniversary, guests can stay one night at the regular price, and the second night is $10. Or any other gimmick you can think of involving the number 10. Alternatively, the 10th anniversary gift is traditionally aluminum or tin (who knew??!?!?). You could offer a free gift with a two-night stay made from one of those materials if you can get something nice at a good price -- perhaps some charming but inexpensive tinware? Plus an open house never hurts.
There are a couple of good tidbits of info regarding press releases in these old threads. The comments from IvyLee are pretty informative...he is a writer.
I used to work for a newspaper and my old mentor always told me to write at an 8th grade level. The point of the article is to communicate, not to show off your expansive vocabulary.
He always said, "don't use a big word when a diminutive one will do." <--Humor, but it makes a point