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Jun 5, 2008
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I have been adding my B&B to differant directories and I am seeing a common problem. SERVICE! Do these directories have us by the _ _ _ or what? Is it me? Is my level of service that top notched? ( I have proof I do provide excellent service) I just wish more people would take responsibility to get an answer instead of passing the buck or worst dropping the ball.
Thanks for listening!
What are you seeing specifically as issues? Quite a few of the 'powers that be' at the directories read here even if they do not post. The PWB may be able to help.
Last week I called just to see if they offered a discount. Yes we do, if you are a member of PAII was the answer. I got busy and didn't call till today. got all the way through and I asked the girl what coupon code I should use. She put me on hold, no problem with that. When she came back she said that they do not have a code right now to just pay it all and they will reimburse me. I said not going to do that. By the way this is not the gorilla, just a monkey! The gorilla gave me a stupid line of BS. LOL I just going to go looking for another monkey!
What directories are listed in? also, speaking of directories... if I get one more call from "yellow p ages" needing to update our info, I think I'll throw a hissie fit Well, actually I did throw a hissie fit today... and got someone to throw one back at me! Take me off the call list, stop callling me, I'm not interested, you can get my info from our website.
I feel better now. :)