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Country Girl

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Feb 20, 2009
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I recently blogged about all the events happening in my area in August. But how do I get my blog noticed? Do you send mass emails when you update? We are using Constant Contact to send mass emails next week about upcoming fall events and I will attach a link to our blog but is there another/better way to go?
"Do you send mass emails when you update?"
Only if you want to annoy people and turn them off. People that really want to stay current on your blog will add your feed to their reader.
Link to it from your website, link to it from other places if you can. (Example if you have a category for restaurant recommendations, post a link to that category in other food sites for your area.
Largely though the way to promote your blog is too keep adding to it in meaningful and valuable ways.
Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Both can be set up to automatically publish a link to your blog whenever a new blog post appears.
For suggestions on different tools, see this post.
CG if you blog regularly I will add you to my fave blogs on my side panel. Share the love...