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Jun 26, 2008
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For months we getting e-mails from them to join. Is anybody advertising with them and has a comment or two?
I think I did have an ad with them but never got any real business from it. Part of the problem, and this is really MY problem and not the callers' or emailers' problem...they all spoke Spanish. I can muddle along, but not on the phone. I have to be able to ask them to speak more slowly or see them speaking.
You may notice, if it is the same people in the office now, that all the emails come from people with Hispanic names. I think that is their target market as well. So, I DID get a lot of referrals from them at first but they declined once I wouldn't pay for the listing and once they realized I couldn't speak enough Spanish.
They never offered me a free listing and as I tried to get some discount I did not get very far.
I find Rentalo off target for most B&B's. I am not a fan of the shotgun approach to listing hotels, inns, b&b, rental apartments, trailer spots... all in the same place. It can lead to confusion over what it is you are offering and what the potential guest is looking for/expecting.
I also do not like (as an innkeeper) the way they can send multiple inquiries to multiple properties in one shot. It means I am likely to be answering a lot of less-than-serious inquiries.
From a search point of view though, I have seen them show up well in some areas.
You got on their list and they you will probably be getting on someone else's spam list. DELETE!!!!!!