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What does the guest require from you? Are they expecting the full breakfast and room cleaning everyday? Do they plan to use your kitchen for their dinner prep? Will they expect to use your washer and dryer? Will they think it’s ok to ‘invite a few friends over’?

Before you know what to charge, figure out what they expect, or what YOUR terms of engagement are.

Also, for monthly rentals, find out the laws in your area regarding who is a transient and who is a tenant. One pays lodging tax and has no rights. The other does not pay lodging tax and has rights of tenancy meaning if they refuse to leave you have to have them evicted.
Weekly discount: 10% for 7-day stay or longer.
We won't rent monthly because a) it would be prohibitively expensive for most people, and b) renters gain certain rights in our state that make eviction almost impossible.
I did a weekly rate plus tax - no breakfast - for pipeliners and a few years ago for an intern at the local TV station (his parents did NOT like the suggested places from the station). They got my shared bathroom rooms. I have a small refrigerator with a freezer compartment and a nuker sitting on top of it in Guest territory.. I found out what the hotels were charging and I was $150 less. I got EXCELLENT people.

Because of the pipelines, my State figured out how much they were losing with the 30-day rule on tax - they fixed it for hotels and motels. EACH night pays taxes. for just a week or even 2 weeks, it is pay for 6 and the 7th night is free - this is full rate with breakfasts.
My weekly discount is 14.28571428571429% or if you prefer 1/7th
I still give a 20% discount for a stay of 7 nights or more. I used to also give 40% off for a one month+ stay, but realized I could make more money by charging full rate by the night. I can rent the room several times during a month, at full rate, so not much incentive for me to give big discounts.

I now discourage discounts and long stays.
I can rent the room several times during a month, at full rate, so not much incentive for me to give big discounts.

Same. 10% discount to those who ask for a week or so, because fewer turnovers for me - but no month longs during high season. Even weekend-only during January is better, less work and less wear and tear on the property.

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