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May 22, 2008
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OK, problem here...multiple repeat guest is upset enough that after 9 months he is still complaining. They were here in 2005, 2006 and cancelled last year. They booked for this year for this weekend. They 'bookend' the week. Stay for 6 nights elsewhere and we are the 'stopover' between there and home and back again.
So, he booked for this weekend way back in Sept and said he wanted next weekend, too. Next weekend is a holiday. It's a 2-night min, first time we've had that since they've stayed here. He doesn't want to stay 2 nights he only wants 1. I say we can't do that. He wants 2 rooms, so I'm out 2 2-night stays if I take him. On check-in today he complains to hubs that they want to stay here next weekend but they were told they can't. Hubs doesn't know why. They are staying elsewhere. It's possible we'll lose them to the other inn.
Question...would YOU have caved on this and let them stay the one night because they are repeats?
Definitely and emphatically NO. This is business and you know you can fill with your minimum. As was said before, when the weekends get here, if not full you can always tuck in a one night to fill the gaps.
No, because he's going to your dh and trying to manipulate you that way... just like kids do with parents. That's underhanded enough (even if understandable) to make him a no in my book.
It is hard knowing he's a multiple repeat, though...
Besides, maybe you won't lose him to the othe rinn... he'll love you more than ever!
No, I wouldn't cave for the following reasons: 1) He shouldn't expect special treatment just because he was last there 2 years ago in the Summer, 2) He complained to your dh probably hoping that he would make you change your mind, and 3) You'd regret it after you turned away calls for the 2 night minimum.
He's kinda a repeat guest who's not really a repeat guest, ya know?
If all this guy does is complain why would you want him back? Is the money worth the frustration? And No you shouldn't have caved.
Absolutely not...and I probably would just tell him "sorry I don't have anything available!" Sounds like a repeater I wouldn't want back.
Absolutely not...and I probably would just tell him "sorry I don't have anything available!" Sounds like a repeater I wouldn't want back..
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Thanks all! I brought up them staying elsewhere next week at breakfast this morning. Told them the other inn was lovely, they'll really like it. She went on and on about how much they like it here. Hope to be back next year, etc.
I remembered why I wasn't sad I couldn't accommodate them. Daughter doesn't eat, just stands around the breakfast table, son doesn't talk.
And realized why this year it was a problem...they are off by a week. This is not their usually week to be here.
We get lots of people who are somewhat 'demanding'. Most of them are not so bad, just stressed. Most of the really awful ones have self-selected to not stay here anymore. Hmmmm. Maybe I have an attitude.
We have a two-night minimum on weekends, and a 3-night minimum on holiday weekends. If someone wants just one night, I take their name and number and tell them I will call them back Thurs. afternoon. They seem to be okay with this.