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Jun 2, 2008
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return guests checked in
they were here 4 nites in 2006
booked the same room, 4 nites starting tonite
DISAPPOINTED that they have their own bathroom and a bigger bed ... they liked the old fashioned way of trundling down the hall to the bath and preferred the smaller bed. go figure.
they were wondering if it was the same room because of the new description. so they did read it and knew ahead of time that it was not the same. i've closed off the third floor to guests so can't put them up there to share a bath, have a smaller bed and maybe visit with our ghost.
Good Grief...of course they are having to pay more aren't they??? No tellling what pleases people. Don't worry about it!! You are out of there soon enough.
Goes along with your other thread on what different guests think of the same room. It was one of the biggest concerns repeat guests had when they booked...'You didn't change anything, did you?' Mostly they have liked the changes and have liked what I have left alone. Did get a big complaint when we redid the room that had the flood. Wrong wallpaper, didn't like the carpet, didn't like the location of the TV, where's the fridge?
People get attached to the weirdest things.
seashanty said:
... maybe visit with our ghost.
Anything else spooky happen recently?.
We are in the book Ghost Hunters Guide To Indianapolis. I have many guests ask me if one of us came up in the night and stood by their door. When I tell them we would not do that. They swear that someone came up the stairs very softly and stood by the door. Even when they are the only ones here. I just smile.
I have heard the ghost many many time when no one is here.
Some people are just creatures of habit and do not like change. I am sure they will find that they will like it just as much or better than their last stay.

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