Rez Key now has Google Hotel pricing for $10 a month!

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Momma Smurf

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Dec 6, 2010
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If you are a Reservation Key user, their "new" channel manger Channex now connects directly to Google Hotels to display your availability and pricing. John is offering this feature through them for an additional $10 a month. Normally Channex which will also manage OTAs and Air is $25 extra. You can even make a duplicate clone of your RK Reservation page and name it Google to track hits. If interested, go to the RK Forum and ask Bradlee to set it up for you. Mine was active within a day. It took Gillum a few days. No more "contact property for availability and pricing". I do use Trip Connect, which also displays pricing, but it's often erratic and can end up being over $50 a month depending upon number of clicks. Using Google Hotels bumped me up in the Local Search results also.