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If you have a rug with tassles it will get hung up, which is why we don't have one.
We have several large oriental rugs on hardwood. Just wouldn't work.
I've had one for a year or so, but then about after 15 months of use, the battery stopped recharging. The battery is a weak point on these things. Replacement batteries are about $100. I never bothered getting one.
I was pretty happy with the machine's performance when it was working. Keep in mind that this is a sweeper, not a vacuum. It only has a rotating brush that sweeps up debris. There is no suction whatsoever. It does a decent job on small things like dust and pet hair. I scheduled it to do a complete cleaning of my entire ground floor every 3 days. That eliminates the need for me to use a broom. All I have to do is mop the floors. I was not impressed with the machine's job on area rugs. It didn't pick up most of the debris that was on it. If you have a lot of area rugs or carpet, I don't recommend this machine.
Also, when it is on, it is quite loud. It's as loud as a normal vacuum cleaner. You can let it run as if you were doing your vacuuming. But keep in mind that it takes about twice as long to do the same square footage.
i LOVE the concept. my experience with them is 3 years old so i am thinking (hoping) they have been improved since then. i had two and they would not work. both returned as defective and i got irritated and didn't try again.
but i also gave one to my dad and he loved it. called it his little robot. and he'd let it 'graze' and go back into its little house when done. he did not have a lot of dirt around. i worried that he'd trip over it but he was slow moving with a walker or cane and never had a problem with it to him it was like a house cat.
and i just LOVE clean floors and rugs, don't you? i thought it would be cool to put into an unoccupied room (or in the breakfast room!!!!) and let it vacuum for me and then go back and get it!!!
p.s. sadly, after my dad passed, someone else took the roomba -- i don't know who --
-- and i wanted to try it.
you've got me thinking of getting one again - third time's the charm and all that.
I'm thinking it wouldn't go fast enough to be practical and it doesn't get the corners very well (does it?) but I'd love to let one wander around in my space to vacuum while I'm doing inn stuff.
I think the Scoomba (sp?) would probably be good for an innkeeper to put in the kitchen after breakfast while s/he is tending to the guest rooms. This way when you return the kitchen floor is all mopped up!