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Mar 11, 2009
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Changing from Portuguese Matelasse bed spreads to Duvets this week. More work but guest love Duvets in the winter. April (late)is change back month.What do other Innkeeper do for winter bed warmth ? Mary in Bridgewater.
We change from matelasse coverlets and quilts folded at the bottom to heavier matelasse or quilts and down/down alternative duvets at the bottom of the bed. I won't do it until around Halloween, though - our ac has kicked on this past week a few times.
I have just changed from Matelasse coverlets to fall quilts. Around December I will put the coverlets back on with Duvets folded at the end of the bed.
I have done the change-over to flannel sheets - it has been cold here at night - but the A/C is still in the windows just in case.