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Jun 15, 2008
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Well today I made the seasonal move from breakfast in the sunroom to breakfast in the dining room
. The sunroom does not have torm windows and is not insulated so keeping it open for breakfast was cooling off the rest of the house. How I hate to shut it down. While not used for breakfast during the cold months it is still the guest entrance from the parking area. Had to move my plants in from the outside too. They are in the sunroom for a little while before I move them into the house.
We are expecting HIGHs in the 40s this weekend. RATS!!!
I say bring it on! I'm thankful oil prices are much lower than they were last year, and I love having a fire inside. I am going to dig my heavy sweater out now, though!
While it's snowed here twice already, the only snow sticking on the ground is in the Far NW Upper Peninsula. I look forward to the turtlenecks, sweaters and sweatshirt, to having the fireplaces on...and my fur lined mocs.

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