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Aug 4, 2008
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What is the point of a sitemap? Is it something that is NEEDED or just favored? Any particular advice on how to create an easy one that is user-friendly as well as designer-friendly?
Thanks all
The point of a site map is's good for the search engines to know what each page is supposed to do/show/be used for. It's good for a user if they cannot find what they want in the links on your pages.
Take a look at mine. It's only on the home page right now. At the very bottom, small print, next to the copyright info.
I only just added one recently. Site maps are great for websites with multiple pages and information. So maybe someone wants to find out about pets - site map will have the clik to that information (I just had a Dr call who is visiting our hosp and must bring his dog I told him about our boarding kennel/B&B for dogs nearby so he might go with it, but could not understand why WE would not accept them!)
Anyway, if you have a lot of 'hidden' pages, info that is a linkede page but not on your header or side bar you can site map them. I only have so much space and so many spots for titles on my header bar so the site map is one place to find/get to all the information.
Keep them relatively simple. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, you can/should create links in your site map using the wirds that lend meaning to the page being linked to. You aren't limited to just one or two word links like you would be in navigation bar.
Link it TO every page and link it FROM every page.

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