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Oct 7, 2008
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We have a nice couple Alvin and Ardis from Kalamazoo. Here is the story bit: His brother and sister live in Lynden Washington, where my niece was born 10 years ago. J
When their parents moved to the states from the Ned-er-lands, one sister stayed in Kalamazoo and the other sister and brudder moved to the DUTCH TOWN of Lynden Washington (Dairy Farmers). This couple have been there dozens of times, going back to the 1950’s.
I mentioned where my sister used to live and they say “Oh yeah, my brudder lives right across from her house!” Right across from the turn in the road past the fair grounds, so my sister (who now lives in Anacortes) would have seen them, on her street.
My other niece walked Lucky the dog past their house all the time. We would visit and drive over the border to a dairy to buy milk and butter.
(This is a tiny town, fyi right on the Canadian border in WA State)
AMAZING! Never ceases to amaze me how you get all these coincidences:) for sure!
A couple here from San Diego. Hillcrest SD.
They live on the same street as my Mother's uncle growing up Cypress Ave, he was my great uncle, I was only there as a young kid. Speaking to them they have been there for 30 years they tell me that they used to get mail from the prev resident named Thompson.
You can anticipate the rest of this story - Denny Thompson was my grandfather's brother. I spent some Christmases and Thanksgiving's over there when I was small, in what is now THEIR HOUSE. They have a big sycamore tree in their yard which is famous (you know, all eucalyptus trees for the most part over there).
and yes, this is the east coast of American I am now in, not the West.
A post on the PAII Forum reminded me of MY small world alert.
In 2007 I was doing a Press Assoc Conference for my Assoc. The wife of one of the organizers was telling me they had a fire at their house, losing everything about 4 years earlier. In that fire was a GC to a B & B and she could not remember which B & B even so she considered it an "Oh well". I told HER it was a wedding gift from her co-workers and it was to MY B & B. She was shocked. I also told her to come use it. Which they did. The small world is this - his parents were divorced and he lived out-of-State with his Mother. HE knew it but did not make the connection about the city until we spoke - his father was a former Mayor of my City, something her co-workers did not know.